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Railcar Storage
Storage on the Road
The Adrian & Blissfield Railroad Group has the capacity to store over a thousand railcars throughout our rail system. We can store cars loaded and empty, hazardous or non-hazardous. (Note: It is customary to rate railcar storage facilities in miles since the length of cars, and track configuration, can vary widely.)
See the list below for railcar storage at our railroads: 
  • Adrian & Blissfield Railroad (ADBF) - 2 miles

  • Charlotte Southern Railroad (CHS) - 3 miles

  • Detroit Connecting Railroad (DCON) - 0.5 mile

  • Jackson & Lansing Railroad (JAIL) - 4 miles

  • Lapeer Industrial Railroad (LIRR) - 0.5 mile

If you have any additional questions please Contact Us directly!

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