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Contractors, utility companies, surveyors, among others, require access to Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Company (ADBF), or its subsidiaries, property for many purposes. Any entry, occupancy, activity or use (collectively referred to as “use”) of ADBF property must be authorized and requires a permit. Several different types of permits are issued based on the location and type of use:


  • Standard Entry Permit

  • Right-Of-Way Use Permit

    • Roadway/Trail

    • Crossing

    • Utility

    • Land Use

  • Residential Right-Of-Way Use Permit


All permits are processed by the Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Company Real Estate Department. Appropriate application fees must accompany permit application forms in order to be processed. Additional information is available by contacting the Real Estate Department (see Permitting Contact Information tab).

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